Wednesday, April 8, 2015



Front Porch Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Carlsbad will be holding its annual juried exhibition and invites artists to participate. 

Open to all artists18 years of age and older living or working in San Diego County.

July 19-September 12, 2015
Opening Reception with live music and hors d’oeuvres:
July 19, noon-2pm

June 21, 2015

1st: $350, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $100, $35 each for 3 Honorable Mentions

Steven Nossan, Gallery Director
Julie Weaverling, Assistant Gallery Director

July 8,9,10 (noon-6pm) and July 11,12 (11am-5 pm).

September 13 (11-5) & Sept.15,16,17 (noon-6pm) and Sept. 18 (11am – 5pm)

All entries will be submitted electronically at
  Format images in TIFF, BMP, JPG, or PNG, no less than 800 pixels long.  For best results, make sure your image is 1920 pixels @72 dpi on the longest side.  Images should be in JPEG format, sRGB color space.  A tutorial on how to submit is available on the How OJS Works page. Directions on how to photograph your work and properly size images can be found on the Help page.  Don’t worry, it’s easy!
$35 for 3 entries
After you’ve submitted, continue to checkout, pay through PayPal or with a credit card, and receive your receipt.

Results will be available by July 3, 2015 at
Award winners are announced at the Opening Reception.
A list of all Accepted Artists will also be at

- All 2D and 3D media except film, video, or installation. Artwork must have been created within past 3 years.
- Artwork must be original and not previously exhibited at Front Porch Gallery.
- Artwork must be ready to hang with proper hanging device.
- Artwork must be for sale. Gallery retains 40% commission on sales.
- Size of work limited to 40” on longest side, including frame.
- For this exhibition we are looking for artwork that includes all themes of expression.  
- Artwork must be suitable for a general public audience.
- Artwork must be labeled on the back with artist’s name, title, medium, size and price.
- Artwork is insured while at the gallery.
- Artwork must remain in the gallery for the entire exhibition, unless sold.
- Commissions are paid within 30 days of sale. 
- Entering this juried exhibition acknowledges the right of Front Porch Gallery to use your image(s) for publicity purposes for this event.

Friday, May 2, 2014

SD County Juried Exhibition Accepted Artists

Linda Anderson                   Fancy Shawl Dancer
Mary Beck                             Glacial Summer
Shant Beudjekian               Santa Luz
Jeffrey R. Brosbe                 Old Wooden Pagoda
Cathy Carey                          Reaching Out
Dan Collins                           Stretched
Juliana Collins                     Searchin’ for Urchins
Juliana Collins                     Defying Gravity
Josephine Coyle                  Farewell to Quietude
Vicky DeLong                       Miss Frizz
Pat Dispenziere                   Still Standing
Lindsay Duff                         Beyond Now V
Drew Duke                            Pier at Sunset
Deb Gargula                         Journey: Torrey Pines
Steve Gould                          Lines, Curves, Reflections
France-Marie Haeger          Once Upon a Time
Tim Harlan                            Hot Swoop
Mary Helmreich                    Chess and Tequila
Lisa Hill                                  Elemental Spaces #2
Darlene Katz                         Chef Special
Jean King                              Waiting for Inspiration
Malsu Lee                             Village Life
Kurt Lightoot                         Dahlia 1
Viviana Lombrozo/Josie Rodriguez  Honoring Traditions
Catherine MacDonald        Convergence
Kathleen McCabe                Moonight Mania
Linda Meeker                        Sisters
Linda Moore                          The Warrior
Georgeann Nelson              Cool Shimmer
Diana O’Connell                  Marrakech Breakfast
Susan Osborn                      Electric Endings
Susan Osborn                      Sail Away
Christina Preiss                   Piggy Bank Push
Scott Richardson                 Carlsbad Village Eucalyptus
Dawn Rivas                          Sunflower
Kenneth Roberts                 Tin Shed Memories
Josie Rodriguez                   We All Have a Story to Tell
Susan Salazar                     Jackson
Maya Shropshire                 Night
Lee Sie                                  Tow3r Thr33
Vita Sorrentino                     Glorious Sunflowers
Lyndelle Stonick                  Summer Spectrum
Katie Stumman                    Northern Nights
Christina Ilene Thomas      Jazz City
Gayle Tunney-Richardson  Saxman
Rosemary Valente               Earth, Wind and Fire
Joseph Villela                       Meditating
Jack Wade                            Pop Wave
Jack Wade                            Triangle Squared